Monday, September 22, 2008

St. Maarten, Utah

Monday, July 7, 2008 at 7:52am

Who knew that a tropical paradise resided right here in Utah? In the heart of downtown, no less.

Here's the story:

Our neighbor, Megan (one of the Kelly clan to our East), is a single mom who always puts her son first.

She works at his school so she can have the same schedule that he does, she lives with her parents so he has a sense of family and so that she can afford to give him a better life, and she often goes without so that she can make sure that he is provided for.

She is a great parent who understands that her son comes first and has her priorities in order.

So she was thrilled when one of her friends, who is attending medical school in St. Maarten, asked her and another friend to come visit once school was out.

To sweeten the deal, the other friend works for Delta, and they were going to travel to St. Maarten on her buddy pass.

Megan only had to pay for the flight to Atlanta, a mere $200.

Thanks to her Economic Stimulus check, she decided to do a little something for herself, just this once.

So they catch the red-eye for Atlanta, where they will spend a whopping 36 hours, during which time, they will not make the flight to St. Maarten because it is totally booked and the next flight is in three days, on the day they are scheduled to return to Salt Lake.

During this time, they also try in vain to get a flight home, sleeping in the airport between every flight they don't get on.

Finally, two seats open up and they head back to Salt Lake, having neither seen the beauty of St. Maarten or even the nightlife of Atlanta; save the airport cleaning crew.

We are totally bummed that she didn't get to have this great escape and wish desperately that we had the money to send her to St. Maarten ourselves.

Since we aren't Rockefellers, we settled for the next best thing.

Below is her blog about her virtual St. Maarten trip:

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Own Backyard... A couple of posts ago I wrote about my cute neighbors. Now I need to blog about them again.

Last night I came home from fireworks at Granite High to find St Maarten in my own back yard.

Jen and Katrina decided that since I didn't make it there, they would bring St Maarten to me.

How sweet are they!!!!! They thought of everything.

I had my choice of lei's, suntan lotion, a hat, swizzle sticks, and a fun drink...all the comforts I could have enjoyed while away.

My tropical paradise, complete with dolphins and seahorses swimming in the ocean

They even figured out how far it was! And pointed the sign in the right direction!

Laying on the "beach" reading, feeling the sand between my toes, what a perfect vacation.

In fact, I'm headed back out to lounge in the sun and build a sand castle. I'll bring a few sea shells back for all of ya!

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