Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dorky Rock Band

So I've been meaning to post this for awhile, but never got around to it. I have a folder with pics of my life that I plan to blog about but never get around to.

This one is my favorite so I decided to make a special effort.

First, you need to read the below story that I wrote back in January to get the back story before seeing the pictures:

So A Guy and Two Girls Walk Into Best Buy...

Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 2:11pm

Looking for car audio equipment. They are all on their early to mid thirties, have good jobs and homes... and in some cases, two children. They are responsible adults looking for adult entertainment. They peruse for awhile and kick around some ideas. They wander over to the home entertainment section and see this loser that Girl #2 has decided to nickname, "GamerBoi". GamerBoi is playing Rock Band and it's obvious that GB has neither Job, nor GamerGirl. It's also obvious that GB's mom often tells him to go out an get some fresh air, so he hops on his BMX and pedals over to Best Buy to live vicariously through his alter ego: Fleabag, drummer extraordinaire...GB has the long-haired, unwashed, trench-coat wearing look that is so favored among the higher echelons of his subculture. Girl #2 thinks to herself , as she watches him hammer out his fantasmic (not a typo) rhythms on the XB360 'drums', "Man! this guy is a total loser!" He licks his lips in concentration, the move almost unnoticeable behind his downy, post adolescent beard that never filled out as well as he'd hoped it would after puberty. In his mind, he IS fleabag; cool rocker, lady's man, non-virgin...Girl #2 feels totally sorry for this guy. He is pathetic and he deserves her pity. What kind of adult would spend his time playing a ridiculous fantasy game such as this? Girl #1 to Guy: This game looks awesome! Guy to Girl #1: I know! I have an XBox 360. I wish the game wasn't so much. Girl #1 to Guy: I have a $100 gift card. Wanna go in halves on it? Guy to Girl #1: Hell yeah! you can play anytime you want, especially since you're my sister and I can't really blow you off after we buy it. Girl #2 to Girl #1 and Guy: I have a Reward Zone Certificate that I'll donate, but I get to be the drummer!!!!(This is the 100% true story of how Katrina, Tony and I bought Rock Star this weekend. Also note: Tony's wife, Sheila, was home putting Brady to bed like an adult, but she became a total loser with the rest of us once we brought it home!)

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Sheila said...

Classic Katrina:) We need to have another Rock Band night stat!!!