Friday, July 26, 2013

New Blog Title Launched!!!

July is over???? Holy crapballs!!!!

I cannot believe that our adventure officially begins in NINETEEN days!!!

I just started reading a book about how to write a blog (Born to Blog) and I can tell you already, I am not an acceptable blog writer. In skimming the book, the first concept discussed is brevity...
Although I know the definition of the word, the entire concept completely eludes me... You may or may not have noticed, but I like to talk...
The book's point (a legitimate one), is that blog readers don't have time to read doctoral dissertations on the social ramifications of the perceived homelessness and fringe-ist behaviors of RV dwellers (a concept that I will address again later, so pay attention, class...).
With that being said, this is my blog and is currently a free-for-all into the inner working of my consciousness,  so anyone foolish enough to wander in deserves the full force of my eruditions. Also, since I haven't updated the blog since April, there is quite a bit to update.

J spent the first ten days of May in Austin for a healthcare/telemedicine convention and  had a fantastic time. She was able to see her dad and S-mom in the few days prior to the convention and a lot of great things for the company came out of the trip (sadly, they must currently be kept private due to legal ramifications but maybe one day I will write a tell-all book on the sordid details of the licensing industry). 

We spend most of May and part of June fighting a viral infection that was widespread throughout the valley. Recovery was slow but, thankfully, complete by the end of June with no lingering ill effects.

Also in May, poor old Fritzie Boy said goodbye to us, as his tired, old body was worn out. We still miss him and are sort of wandering numb- J hasn't been without a dog in 30 years and feels a little lost at present. We are immensely grateful for all of the time spent with our little guy and are glad that he is no longer in pain.

July saw many preparations and gatherings of friends and family. K's younger brother and his family moved to Phoenix to be near another brother, but selfishly took our nephews with them!!! Greedy parents!!!
We also spent several weekends at the cabins with K's folks at the camp where they are currently serving the first official  year of their Mormon mission (they had to renege last year when P got pancreatic cancer that was miraculously cured by the miracle workers at Huntsman Cancer Institute).
Thanks to the generosity of K's youngest brother and his family, we got to take the boys (K nannies in the summer for a friend) on their first speedboat adventure, which was very well-received!

Now that July is almost over, we have been scrambling to prepare for D-day-

1. Van repairs- complete (thanks to our good buddy and neighbor, Andy!)
2. New RV tires- complete (at massive savings due to a misquote by Discount Tires- Yay!)
3. Van tires rotated- complete
4. RV bearings Packed- PENDING (found the most awesome, affordable solution- Bearing Buddies
5. Jeep washed, waxed and fuel stabilized- PENDING
6. RV packed- complete- packed to the brim and a third or fourth round of weeding out is underway! Anyone in the market for a 26 pound cat? Kidding... you couldn't afford to feed him...

Our official travel route is as follows:

1. Rock Springs to visit our Luckey friend (obviously a play on words- Luckey is her last name).
2.  Bosselman's Truck Stop in Grand Island, NE- Best funeral potatoes ever!
3. Des Moines, IA for  a little Weddin'!
4. St. Louis, MO for a Silver Arch action (not to be confused for the nasty yellow ones)
5. Mansfield, MO- Home of Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum- Don't be hatin' Little House
6. Memphis, TN- Official Honeymoon Destination! K wants to see the famous Peabody Ducks
7. Nashville, TN- Country Music Hall of Fame (K is thrilled)
8. Asheville, NC- Ten Days with J's mom (K is thrilled)
9. Myrtle Beach or Bust!!!!

Hope you enjoy the new look of the blog. Please feel free to make any suggestions to make it better and more fun to read!

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