Friday, July 26, 2013

K is "thrilled"

Hi there.  I feel I need to expand upon a couple of things that were posted by J earlier.  I am not dragged unwilling into the great beyond whenever the whim strikes--I actually think about the proposed adventure for a full 30 seconds or so before agreeing to a brand new reality.  J's enthusiasm is contagious and it appears that I am not immunized against its insidious charm.  If left to my own devices I would do just about nothing, so I am fortunate that my partner of 20 years is so very, very eager to experience every single thing life and this world has to offer.  In her words "You can sleep when you're dead!"  

For clarity in the future (if I happen to talk about anyone besides myself that is) I have 3 younger brothers.  I will call them Young, Younger, and Youngest.  So Young brother just moved out of state and is living in the same city as Younger leaving Youngest to stay in state with the parents-and for the next 19 days myself and J. 

Thrilled does not begin to describe how I feel about the Country Song Museum, but J does accompany me to places she has no enthusiasm for so I am only too happy to return the favor. 

The second thing that I am apparently "thrilled" about is visiting with J's mom for 10 days. Her mom is a lovely lady and in my opinion a very good person who loves her child fiercely and without reservation.  If you read the About Me section you will discover that I am in recovery from alcohol addiction.  This is all well and good-but I also have a shit ton of things that people are still mad at me for.  J's mom is having a hard time letting go of her feelings of...well let's say rage and fury towards me and how I behaved while actively engaged in destroying my life.  So I am not unhappy about the visit but I have a little trepidation in my heart.  Hoping for the best!

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