Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I already posted the pictures of our chickens and now I finally got around to getting some shots of the bunnies. We got them for free from freecycle.com. I posted a notice saying that I was looking to rescue some female bunnies and I was inundated with responses. I took all four of my girls from the same house, so they get along well. I have no idea how old any of them are, but the black one is the offspring of the cinnamon one.

Also, we didn't name them, although Katrina has made up her own monikers:

The orange French lop is named Cher (named by the lady's fourteen year old son...hmmmm...)

The albino Flemish Giant is Ruby, named for her red eyes, I assume.

The little cinnamon gal is named, well... cinnamon, although I call her Sinny Minny. She is the tamest of the bunch and she loves to snuggle.

The little black hellion, who we just spend thirty minutes retrieving from behind the shed because she dug a six foot burrow out of the rabbit warren, is named Spitball. Katrina calls her Spitfire and I call her "Hellfire & Damnation, get back here you blankety blank!!!"

The White Flemish Giant really is a giant. She is about 28 inches long and she weighs about 16 pounds. She is larger than Fritz.

They have a great 6 foot by 10 foot warren that is passive solar. It is fenced on the west by a 6 foot plank fence, on the south with a six foot chain link fence, and on the east by the west wall of my metal garden shed. A salvaged front door lies crosswise for now as the north entrance.

My neighbors gave us a double paned sliding door assembly with two 4 foot by 7 foot reinforced glass panels. We tore the assembly apart and laid both glass pieces from the shed roof to the plank fence with cross braces for support. In the winter, the sun will melt the snow and provide warmth to their dry den. In the summer, we have kept half of the glass covered with a bamboo tiki fence to keep it cool. We have grapevines growing on the outside of the chain link fence so it stays shady and cool all summer.

The rabbits love eating grape leaves and vines in addition to their pellets and fresh alfalfa. Ruby and Sinny also LOVE dried bananas anode blueberry yogurt drops. we also fed them some fresh apples tonight. Lagomorphs love sweets but should only be fed small amounts at a time else the go sugar crazy.

I spend at least thirty minutes in their den with them every day. i have a metal chair under which I've build a little black hutch filled with straw. I can sit in the chair and cuddle each gall one at a time. Cher is the least snugly and Ruby really on cares about sweets, but they still submit to my snugly fits.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my little poop machines. I have plenty of ready fertilizer for my garden (rabbit poop is a mellow fertilizer that doesn't have to be composted like chicken manure to be garden safe), and I get daily snuggles, as well.

Plus, Sidney gets more fuzzy things to love...

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