Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My father sent me this link to some black guy responding to some dumbass comment made by P.Diddy.

He asked for my opinion on the topic.

Here is what I wrote back to my dad (and both of my aunts... and my cousin... and his wife... and Katrina: Reply All can be beautiful...) Boy, am I gonna get an earful later on!

Here is the link, BTW. It's stupid and slanted and a waste of time.

My first response to my dad: Why don't you ask Colin Powell what he thinks? (my father's idol)

Then I got pissed at him wasting my time. Here is my diatribe:

Why do you send this shit to me?

Do you want me to have a heart attack?

Let me tell you who I really want to see win in this next election: THE AMERICAN PEOPLE

I don't give a tiny rat's ass who wins, as long as they stop with the bipartisan bullshit and focus on the god dammed people who put them in office.

I am BEYOND sick and tired of each candidate and their mudslinging tactics. I don't want to vote for ANYONE because I am so sick of this divide between the American public.

I am sick of people showing up to Obama campaigns with rude anti- McCain t-shirts, I am sick of the dumbass conspiracy theory that Barack is the anti-Christ... I don't care that Palin's daughter is knocked-up. How does that affect her ability to do her job as VP?
To the contrary, I think it means that she's already so married to the job as governor that she wasn't paying attention to her daughter's nocturnal activities. Sounds like she'd be just as committed to the vice-presidency as well.
Besides, what the hell else is there to do in Alaska, anyway? Have sex and watch the border for marauding Ruskies...

Why can't either of these candidates just state why he should represent the American public? Why can't they each have an agenda that they just stick to? I have agreed with something from each of them in the past, but now I cannot even tell who supports what anymore.

It's become more about the campaign itself than the job that they will have to do after the election is over.

And frankly; who gives a shit what P diddy thinks about anything? He's a dumbass. He was a marketing major at Howard University and he dropped out. If he couldn't even complete his UG marketing degree, then what makes him a brilliant political strategist?
It's like giving a shit what the Dixie Chicks think about the war. They're the Dixie Chicks.... Have you ever heard them speak???

If you really feel like espousing a particular candidate, find a pundit who has some to say about SOMETHING. Don't waste my time with this jerk. He SAYS he worries about what people think about Black culture in America. I's be pissed if this douche was representing gays right now...

This jackass wasted an entire afternoon videotaping a retort to P.DIDDY, for chrissake... And he looks like an idiot in the process. Let me say, if you cannot grow hair on your head, don't grow it on your face. You aren't making up for anything. You just look like a hairy bowling ball...

I wasted fifteen minutes of my life watching this bowling ball...That's fifteen minutes of my life that I'll never get back.

Not to mention the heart palpitations and imploded brain cells.
There's no telling what information was lost from my mind while I was trying to figure out what point Martin Lawrence's autistic stepbrother was trying to make.

You may have expunged the cure for cancer from my grey matter with this inane drivel...

Do you think my dad will be mad?

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