Monday, March 8, 2010

New Solar Powered Clothes Dryer Technology Discovered!!!!

Thanks to innovative technology, you can now build your own solar energy clothes dryer for the unbelievable price of $1.00.

Only in this age of super polymers and efficient production techniques, could this kind of energy savings be achieved for such an affordable price. Imagine being able to dry all of your clothes by harassing the awesome power of the sun- for FREE!!!

Below, please find the first ever published pictures of this new technology. Remember, this is never before seen footage of this cutting edge technology:

Modern technology is absolutely breathtaking, isn't it?

Despite what looks like complicated installation procedures, I predict that this form of solar energy use will skyrocket in the upcoming months, as the sun brings its raw power to full force in the dog days of summer.

If you are interested in plans to make your very own solar dryer for only $1.00, please send me fifty bucks and i will send you the very complicated schematics necessary to build this awesome machine.

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