Sunday, February 14, 2010

Update: Beehives and Seedlings

I finally built my hive body in anticipation of my bee colony:

Now I just have to paint it with some low VOC paint and install the top and bottom boards and I will be all set for the bees to establish their new home.

I even saved loads of money by buying Tyvek painter's suits with elastic cuffs on Amazon. Normally, the suits cost upwards of $90 and I got mine for $9 and Katrina's for $6.78. Total with shipping was around $23. I also got two sets of gloves off of eBay for $21 after shipping and a vintage hive smoker from icollect for $20 including shipping.

I also saved at least $40 by making my own bee veils from a great pattern I found online. I employed a couple of spare river hats that we keep just in case and spent $3.88 for netting at the Evil Empire- I know, I know...I feel dirty but the same fabric would have been $10 at the fabric store and I would have had to drive six extra miles so my decision was a moral and Eco-conscious choice and I stand by it... OK, we all know I'm a sellout, let's move on, shall we?

The remaining materials I had lying around (I heart re-purposing) and below is the finished product (bless Katrina's terrible photo skills; she tries so hard):

I alsofinally took pictures of my ghetto seed table:

It must be working, though, because look at all of my sprouts after four days:

So the season is off to a great start and I am super-excited about spring. I look forward to sharing my bounty with all of you!

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