Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Accidental Shoplifter

Katrina and I had tickets to the Indigo Girls concert up at Red Butte Gardens the other night and we decided to ride our mopeds and pick up Greek food on the way to the concert, to eat on our blanket while awaiting the start of the concert.

When I ordered the food, I specifically asked for as few boxes and assorted disposable materials as possible, to which they obliged. Mostly....

We were given two boxes of food and four knives, four forks and four spoons. I really don't think we ordered that much food (2 chicken souvlaki sticks, 2 pita breads, one order of feta cheese and Baklava for dessert), but apparently it was enough for a Greek battalion, thus warranting enough cutlery for a week long bivouac.

Upon witnessing this incredible waste of resources (I did recycle the unused pieces by taking them to work, but still...) I decided to make our own to-go utensil packs for our mopeds and bicycles.

So off to the DI we went, in search of funky retro cloth napkins and silverware.

I love the DI, it's green to re-use someone else's old junk and I love finding crazy vintage stuff at a lower price than those trendy, overpriced resale boutiques. Plus, I am one of the few people that can find something cool nearly every time I go there, a feat which frustrates my shopping companions (one of the fringe benefits of being the sole offspring of Bonnie Holt, Power Shopper Extraordinaire).

While I didn't find any silverware that I liked (or though was uncontaminated by mutated Botulism), I did find a crazy print laundry bag that I am going to turn into napkins. I also found a great combo corkscrew/bottle opener that was perfect for our picnic wagon, so I handed it to Katrina for her approval and moved on to the next aisle.

Once home, we dumped out our plundered booty and proceeded to sort everything to wash (I love the DI but... EVERYTHING gets washed... In hot... with bleach and Cipro... ).

As I was getting ready for my shower last night, I remembered that I didn't see the opener when we checked out or when we sorted everything at home, so I asked Katrina if she put it down because there was something wrong with it or she just didn't like it.

"No, it was in there somewhere", she replied.

I shook my head, "No, it wasn't there. Are you sure you didn't set it down while you were fooling with the CD players?"

Her eyes widened and realization spreads over her face. She reaches down into her left hand pocket, blinks and gulps and pulls out the opener with the fifty cent price sticker still attached.

As unfunny as the situation should have been, Katrina with the horror in her eyes and her mouth agape made me burst into a fit of hysterical laughter. I couldn't even continue to stand and sank to the floor of the bathroom, inappropriately chortling.

Although I offered to go in her place, Katrina went back this morning to pay them their fifty cents and blame A.D.D. for her lack of awareness. Always pass the blame whenever you can....

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